Bridging Youth to Green Careers Start Green


The main aim of this Erasmus+ training course is to equip youth workers and youth leaders with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to facilitate the access of young people to the green labor market by enhancing their entrepreneurial skills, inspiring them to establish their own green startups, and promoting a culture of entrepreneurship among youth.


Specific objectives of the activity are:


  • To equip youth workers with the  knowledge and resources in green and sustainable practices, enabling them to transfer these skills to young individuals interested in eco-friendly careers;


  • To foster an entrepreneurial mindset among youth workers, emphasizing the importance of innovation, creativity, and risk-taking in green business development;
  • To promote green entrepreneurship as a viable career option for youth;
  • To familiarize youth workers with available resources, grants, and funding opportunities for green startups, enabling them to guide youth in accessing financial support;
  • To encourage youth workers to share success stories and best practices within their networks, communities, and through digital platforms, creating a ripple effect of green entrepreneurship inspiration;
  • To promote the Erasmus+ programme and opportunities for mobility of young people and youth workers.



Youth unemployment, underemployment, and decent work, particularly for rural youth, not only persists as a global challenge; it is also expected to grow in the next decade.

Simultaneously, environmental degradation and climate change pose serious threats to the future of work and are predicted to exacerbate existing inequalities.

Therefore, the need to promote growth that improves employment opportunities for young people, as well as addresses environmental and social challenges, is fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



This activity is developed for:

  • Youth workers and youth leaders of partner organizations (and other relevant organizations / stakeholders) with or without previous experience in the field of green entrepreneurship, that can benefit from developing their competences in the activity field;
  • Youth workers and youth leaders who can directly implement project outcomes in their everyday work with young people.


The priority is given to candidates with fewer opportunities and the ones who previously did not take a part in Erasmus+ programme.

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz programa Europskih snaga solidarnosti. Sadržaj objave je isključiva odgovornost autora Udruge za održivi razvoj Pozitiva Samobor.


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